For me, fly-fishing is about more than catching fish. From the deepest parts of the Central America jungles, to the warm flat waters of the Caribbean, Virgin Islands, and U.S. Coast, to the streams of the Alps, Appalachian, and Rocky Mountains, international fly fishing is for me a way of connecting with my creator and turning my heart towards those things and people that matter most.

I have been skunked on the stream too many times to count, and stood shivering in my waders in frozen water long after sundown. Yet, every chance I get, I head back to the river in search of fish on the fly and something more never truly knowing what until I have found it. 

The Creator lengthened my days, and in each of those days, nature humbly showed me how I hadn’t been, and could yet be.  After many years, international fly fishing is a way of living, a way for my continual healing, a way to continually connect with those things and people that matter most in my life.

I shall forever be grateful for the time I spend alone among nature.  For the clear skies helped to clear my mind.  Fresh breezes helped to freshen my soul.  Pure waters helped to purify my heart.  International fly fishing has allowed my heart to heal and my life to regain purpose.  But it took the hills, trees, valleys, and streams to teach me the truth about myself and the things that matter most in my life.

This love for fly fishing could not be complete without the passion to help others connect with nature the same way I did.  This is why I look forward for each opportunity to teach and help others learn the art of fly fishing and about the conservation and sustainability of our waters and fisheries.  I have found myself the most accomplished as I have the opportunity to share this gift with the young and old.  At times bringing together generations to walk together the streams that connect and bring to one the hearts of those who enter there.

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