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The Exploratory Trip That Made It All Possible!

Puerto Rico Tarpon Fly Fishing Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Puerto Rico Tarpon Fly Fishing Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Puerto Rico Tarpon Fly Fishing Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Puerto Rico Tarpon Fly Fishing Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Puerto Rico is La Isla De Encanto, which translates to the Island of Charm, Pleasure, or Enchantment and you’ll understand why the second you lay eyes on it from the plane as you land at the International Puerto Rico airport. Greeting you are crystal clear waters that from chest deep you can see your toes and all manner of fish swimming everywhere! Then just a short three and a half hour ride from the airport is your destination and fishing paradise called Boqueron, Puerto Rico. Stalls line the streets with mountains of Oysters, Mussels, and Clams waiting to be sucked into your mouth. Restaurants, bars and shops line the coast where numerous live bands are playing Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Reggaeton while locals dance to the music in the streets. At night El Coqui (native Puerto Rican frog) and native birds sing you to sleep in the comfort of home base which is so near the waters of the ocean you have the constant smell of fresh ocean breeze in your nostrils every minute of every day. Immediately upon arriving to the coast you are greeted by the sight of Tarpon EVERYWHERE of all sizes and in NUMBERS! This is an area that almost never gets fished and for that reason we most likely will always have the water and the fish all to ourselves with no competition save for the one that fishing for the King (common nickname for Tarpon amongst fly fisherman) offers.
I happily accommodate one to six fisherman anywhere from 5-10 days at a time not including travel dates. The fishing aspect to this destination is solely for those people who wish to catch Tarpon on the fly. The best part of this destination (other than the sheer numbers of Tarpon that can be found) is this trip is a family friendly trip. I understand some people can’t leave their wife and children behind for 5-10 days so I say to you….
While we spend the majority of our days hooking and landing Tarpon, your family has the luxury of soaking in the crystal clear waters of any of the surrounding beaches which lie minutes from home base. Some of the most impressive snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, jet skiing, bird watching, shore fishing, and other beach activities are right around the corner to where you’ll be staying. If a day free from the sun is needed, that’s no problem! A short few steps from the beach and you are in El Poblado (downtown are) where the music, food, dance, and shopping never ends! Boqueron, Puerto Rico has something to offer people of all ages and I would love nothing more than opportunity to show you and your buddies, or you and your family what it is to be Puerto Rican. 

So start brushing up on your Spanish and give me a call with some dates and let’s vacation in one of the most forgotten yet unimaginably incredible destinations in the Caribbean!


  • Trips are 5-7 days not including travel days

  • Trips include lodging in a spacious 3 bedroom 3 bath house with ocean view (Home Base)

  • Transport from airport to Home Base and back to airport

  • Transport to any part of the island guest wishes to visit on spare time

  • One night Bio Luminescent Bay Experience (Let's swim in some sparkling water!)

  • Breakfast and lunch everyday 

  • 5-7 days   guided fly fishing for multiple species, mainly Tarpon (6 hours fishing each day)

  • 2 Kayaks for use in spare time

  • Discounts on gear if needed (Fly rods or reels, clothing and soft goods, ect...)

 Pricing DOES NOT include airfare but most airfare can be bought for less than $400 from anywhere in the states and NO PASSPORT IS NEEDED!

 Trips can be booked for any time of the year from ANYWHERE in the states! A $500 deposit per person is required to hold dates of which half is refundable for cancellations.  Trips are also hosted without fishing if desired.  Please contact me for any information on pricing if you are wanting to vacation in Puerto Rico without guided fishing!

        ***** Destination trips to Puerto Rico are fully licensed and insured***** 

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